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Metabolic analysis for clinical diagnostics

Biological specimens release gases
We analyze these gases to create accurate, cost-effective diagnostics for hospitals and consumers

How it works


Biological sample is cultured

To establish a baseline, banked diseases and patient samples (e.g. bacteria, blood, urine, saliva) are grown.


Metabolic profile is determined

Gaseous metabolites are released by samples and absorbed by a novel nanoporous matrix, which is read by a laser.


Metabolic profile is inputted to neural network

Machine learning is employed to create algorithms that describe relationships between metabolic profiles and diseased states.


Accuracy of algorithms is validated

Patient samples are analyzed and compared to the state-of-the-art technology testing in terms of accuracy and time.

Clinical Diagnostics

Sepsis and microbial infections

 ...affect over one million Americans annually and carry a 20-50% mortality rate.
Our diagnostic platform brings down cost and time-to-result.

Cost and time-to-result

Our technology enables bacterial diagnostics in 4-6 hours for less than $1 per test. This beats the leading platform by 44-68 hours while significantly reducing cost.


Validation and accuracy

Our platform is currently validated for the diagnosis of 15 different banked bacterial types. Ongoing clinical collaborations aim to further our database and expand towards clinical trials.

Consumer Diagnostics

Gut microbiota analysis an emerging technology that gives patients information about general health, diet, and lifestyle while also predicting the presence of current and future disease.

We aim to bring this technology to households for $20-40.

Ease of use

Our technology requires no technical expertise for end-point analysis. Furthermore, our proprietary metabolic analysis process requires no laboratory equipment and can be done in the comfort of home. 


Reducing cost, eliminating variability

Genomic analysis tools typically only analyze a small sample, resulting in high variability. Metabolic analysis is cheaper, allowing for frequent large-scale analysis at two orders of magnitude below current costs.


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